National Homebrew Competition

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Competition Eligibility, Capacity, & Waitlist

Before registering, please confirm that you meet all eligibilty requirements for participation, as defined in the Rules & Regulations Handbook of the National Homebrew Competition website.

Entry Capacity: Homebrewers who are not members of the AHA may join the AHA up through March 3 and register and pay for the competition. Based on demand there is no guarantee by the AHA or NHC all applicants will receive their requested entry amount or be accepted to the competition. The registration and payment process is one process this year rather than a separate open-enrollment application and payment period. Should we fill the initial capacity of the competition, a waitlist will be created and we will work applicants into the competition as able after the initial registration and payment period closes.

Entrants who are not existing AHA members at the time of their registration may join or renew by March 3, 2021. Entrants who do not meet all eligibility requirements for the competition may be disqualified without further notice. Monthly membership is eligible. All memberships (monthly membership included) must last during the entirety of the competition process (February to June).

Contact & Entrant Information

Enter entrant information carefully, paying attention to both spelling and capitalization. Your information will appear in any online or printed materials EXACTLY as it is entered on the next tab (including awards or press releases).

AHA Members: Remember to fill out the registration in entirety.

Beer Information

When registering beers, pay special attention to the actual beer name listed for your entry. Type the name of the beer exactly as you want it entered. This is very important as it affects the way that beers are awarded.

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Should you have any questions while filling out the form, please contact Competition Manager, John Moorhead, Email: